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Meter Specifications

Compact and durable. Fit neatly near the distribution box.

Product Brand:

Connection Method:

Current Ratings:

Supported Voltage:

Max Load:


Supported Hz:

Startup Current:

Connection Method:

Temperature Rating:

Wifi Bandwidth:

Split Meter

Left side electricity in, right side electricity out

5 (60) Ampere

220-240 Volt

~20 kilowatt (14 hoursepower)

1st Grade

50 Hz


DB combination, or Existing Looping

-20 to 70 Celcius

2.4 GHz

Mobile App Specifications

Life-long support. Access via mobile app or browser page.

iPhone App:

Andriod App:

Huawei App:

Browser Access:

Supported via AppStore

Supported via Google Play Store

Supported via Huawei APK

Supported via all major browsers: Chrome, Mozila, Safari, IExplorer

+6010-864 7531

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